Tip for reputation management: keep it positive!

At SEM Days 2012Lucian DESPOIU (Kondiment) gave this idea on an approach on how to do reputation management: when you do reputation management (RM), focus on the positive things.


  • When you endorse / like / appreciate something online, do it for a positive reason. Rather than „I hate it that there are so many bad roads in Romania”, say it like „We appreciate those who strive to make the roads better in Romania”. Rather than „stray dogs are bad thing in major cities”, say it like „what solutions can we find for the stray dogs problem?”. Be constructive and focus on the positive when you associate with a cause which isn’t yours.
  • Keep the same rule (be positive) for messages which are yours. So, if you have a message, formulate it and make it a positive one. Fight for win, avoid fighting to prevent a loss. Aim to get somewhere, rather than avoiding getting in bad place.

Quite nice. :)

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