How to promote a courses portal?

I talk below on some options to promote a courses portal.

Big options on how to promote a course:
– AdWords for each course, upon initial agreement with the customers via dedicated project.
– Have a blog on which to announce, with a certain timeframe (daily, weekly, bi-monthly) the new courses added to the platform; I suggest a weekly update, sent Monday morning, with the courses of the previous week;
– Have a Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter account to announce new courses as they ar added to the web site; this should be done daily, or even faster;
– Create eBooks with various information; exchange with eMail addresses;
– Give weekly cupons in the newsletters;
– For each course, try to create a video with the trainers; it would help a lot;
– Have the trainers hold webinars;
– Do SEO on the courses / web site;
– Create pages for trainers;
– Create pages for institutions;
– A good search page, with lots of filtering options;

Small observations:
– In the title of the course, give all the information: Subject, trainer (if just one), Location, Dates, Price.
– Create a banner for each course we post online, a banner which will be automatically pulled by Facebook / Twitter / G+ / LinkedIn via og:image tag.
– Avoid comments / ratings for courses, some publishers might leave the platform due to this.

How to promote the new web site?
– Blog partnerships;
– PR;
– Contribute to online sources;
– PPC;

TopRank – Conference Audience,

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