Prisoners (2013) – very (!) dark movie

I just saw Prisoners (2013). I quite didn’t like the dark atmosphere in the movie.


Yes, it was a smart movie, yes, the actors did a good job at interpreting things, still I didn’t like the dark feelings I got.

At times, there were some logical flaws in the script, but this was just tiny minor when compared to the dark side.

Yes, it was pretty realistic, and I had lots of suspense (this is a good thing), yes I didn’t expect what was next, but, still, I got a bad taste after the movie. And while watching it, I was just hoping it would end sooner.

Also, 90% of the movie is in the trailer. Top reason not to see trailers prior to seeing the movie. Afterwards, yes, it’s fine, it should help you fixate tings and reinforce the most important pieces of the puzzle.

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