Posting in advance is not advanced posting

Sometimes I write a message at times such as Friday evening, Saturday mornings, National Holidays, things like that. I know the message I write won’t get read if I send it right away, so I use Gmail’s Schedule Send feature and send the message on a time like Monday morning, 8 AM, or things like that.

The thing is, if I write the message Friday, and it only gets sent Monday, by that time I usually forget that I’ve sent the message. It’s not on my working memory, anyway.

So, if I were to send the message right away, as far as I can tell, there would be a more likely chance that I’ll remember it.

That’s why “Posting in advance is not advanced posting” – it is, from this perspective, a bit silly, rather.

stefanos papachristou - time
stefanos papachristou – time,
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