Emotions inspired by machines

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Murray Campbell of IBM was part of the Deep Blue project. As he says, chess computers do play differently. They make moves that sometimes make no sense to their human opponents.
“Computers don’t have any sense of aesthetics or patterns that are standard the way people learn how to play chess,” Campbell says. “They play what they think is the objectively best move in any position, even if it looks absurd, and they can play any move no matter how ugly it is.”

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Machines think in standard ways. In chess, they play so well that most likely no human can currently beat them in a 100 matches game.

Yet, their moves in chess look weird to humans.

What can you get out of this? If you find a good solution, don’t ask 10 people if they think your solution is any good, they will most likely refer to conformity and say “it’s not conform to what I think, thus is not valid”.

Instead, ask them how you can perfect the idea, how can t get better understood, how they would better resonate with that idea.

Adam Y Zhang - No Emotion
Adam Y Zhang – No Emotion, https://flic.kr/p/2jCXP8u
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