The wrong perception on Internet marketing. And the right one

1235645948_ae229ac9c5There are two perceptions on what Internet marketing is:

  • A guy in the middle of the street, with a big megaphone, yelling about your services. „Buy from us! We’re good! Buy from us! Expiring offer! Buy! Buy! Buy!”. Winner in this scenario is the guy who can yell loudest, to the largest number of people, with the least resources. By following this path, you can get easily into spamming.
  • A guy in a closed building, talking with a normal voice about things. Persisting in this until he has a small audience. Inspiring that audience to believe that he actually knows what he talks about. Making those people want to tell others about the product/service. Creating fans & communities, by providing the desired quality of products & services. Making everybody feel good, and telling others. In other words, putting free megaphones in other people. Letting other people promote the brand.

Unfortunately, a lot of times when people come to me for Internet marketing services, they expect me to have a big megaphone and to start yelling. They are, themselves, too embarrassed to yell by themselves, so they tend to give others the „chance” to speak. And when they to speak, not-so-great things happen.

The other solution, creating content which is actually very good & inspiring, is hard. You have to come up with a good idea, work hard to make it polish, and create a community. Not so easy. It’s much easier to break the rules and start spamming.

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