The paradox of The paradox of choice

Barry Schwartz has a famous TED Talk on The paradox of choice.

Basically, he says that having multiple options from which to choose can actually make someone rather unhappy with the choice.

I think that if you go in a store, and you see 100 types of jeans, yes, what he says is true.

But if you go in an online store and there are 100 or perhaps even 1,000 types of pants, but you can easily see the ones that have been sold the most, or have recently been added, or you can read an article about the trends of 2021 and out of the 1,000 jeans there are 5 listed which are great, or you read an article that presents you with the most durable jeans, then, perhaps, you’ll be happier.

„I have the best jeans out of a selection of 1,000 jeans” means more than „I went to a store with 5 types of jeans, I thoroughly examined them all, and picked one”.

Sorting and filtering change the behavior.

darwin Bell - Sophie's Choice
darwin Bell – Sophie’s Choice,
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