Sample usability analysis: checkout process

Hi, below I analyze from a usability (UX) perspective.


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Cum alegi o temă de WordPress?

Discut în clipul de mai jos despre principalele criterii după care să alegi o temă de WordPress.

Serge Kij - Lynx - WordPress Theme - productshot, Kij - Lynx - WordPress Theme - productshot,
Serge Kij – Lynx – WordPress Theme – productshot,

Mai jos, lucrurile despre care vorbesc în clip.

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10 resurse despre Video SEO

Ca principiu general:
1. Folosește transcript (pune și cuvintele video-ului, în descriere, nu doar video)
2. Caută să ai engagement (comentarii, like-uri, nr. afișări).

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  10. Revisiting The Basics Of Video SEO
Alex Eylar - Scarface, Eylar - Scarface,
Alex Eylar – Scarface,

Small WordPress trick to change from small letters to big letters

Let’s say you use WordPress.

You may know, for SEO purposes, it’s better to redirect a user visiting: to:

You should be enforcing small URLs to all users, for SEO.

Note: there is a high likelihood that this script will give errors on very big web sites and old web sites (asking for a Big Letter CSS file, and receving a small one). Try to use it on new web sites, where you can instantly see if anything goes wrong.

You also have the option of implementing rel=canonical, which give you 70-80% of the results of the current solution

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Cum știi ce se ascunde în spatele unui site care îți vinde o soluție medicinală “miraculoasă”?

Ed Kohler - Buy Now, Kohler - Buy Now,
Ed Kohler – Buy Now,

Cum aduci Internet într-o zonă, tipic, fără Internet


Sunt zone în România în care nu doar că nu există Internet prin cablu, dar nici Romtelecom nu prea ajunge, și, mai mult, nu prea ai semnal nici de telefonie mobilă. Cum faci să aduci Internetul în acele zone?

O soluție este amplificatorul de semnal.

Câteva idei:


  • Solutia operatorilor oficiali de telefonie e mai scumpă.
  • Trebuie să știi bine ce frecvențe sunt necesare.
  • Există riscul să cumperi ceva nefuncțional.
  • E posibil să fie utilă doar pentru semnal convorbiri pe o singură bandă, nu și net 3G.
Thank you for visiting my page. - The colonels Cabin Kananaskis  Last, you for visiting my page. - The colonels Cabin Kananaskis  Last,
Thank you for visiting my page. – The colonels Cabin Kananaskis,


Fury (2014) – a philosophical movie of war heroes preferring to chat rather than fight!

I just saw Fury (2014), at a recommendation of a friend.


Most reviews focus on the military aspects of fighting, the implausible scenario of fighting, some on the cruelty of the characters, some on the cliches of the characters of their behaviors.

My focus is on something else – the lack of pragmatism in an American soldier:

  • A battalion of SS fighters are coming their way, and they spend around 5 minutes deciding – “should we stay? Yes, I stay! I don’t know! Should I stay”.
  • They prepare a little and then they finally enter the tank. And they talk about 10 minutes. “Isn’t this great? Let’s drink. Life is good. Haha, this is so funny!”. It was unbelievable.
  • At some point, the rookie of the team tells them “Hey, the Germans were coming!”. They thought they were about to be killed, and they forgot to check if the Germans were coming. They weren’t even looking. All this while being pretty sure that they are about to be killed.
  • Then there’s the final scene in the fights, where Brad Pitt enters the tank and they talk for a while. Nothing much, just philosophies. He says he’s sorry. This is happening with the tank being surrounded by Germans, guns firing, and all. And two characters talk about war. (they could be shot any minute with anti-tank weapons)

I didn’t think they were at war. We, Romanians, have a song called “Miorita”. It has been translated. Anyhow, the poem is about giving up life, and considering death like a wedding. Well, I think this is OK, coming from Romanian shepherds in the mountains. But 5 American soldiers prior to the battle, discussing in a relaxed way about life – now that’s tough!

See this chart: Cultural Guide to International Business | Towergate Insurance on Cultural personalities.

PS: The Americans were all great, the Germans were all bad. Very cliche.

I really liked the emotions in the movie. One guy being upset, the other laughing, it was a very cool thing what they did on the emotional site. Really enjoyed this.

Meta on movies – how do I evaluate movies and how do I decide what movies to watch?

I wrote this blog post hoping you’ll learn something from the way I watch movies.

alles banane - Cinema Studio, banane - Cinema Studio,
alles banane – Cinema Studio,

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How to “sell” your crowdfunding project?

Let’s say you have an idea, and you need some financing. You consider the project you have will benefit more people in the society, and it has a social aspect. You want to get people involved, to find out about your project and to make them invest in you, in the hope of your project being successful and benefiting even more people.

For example, let’s say you invent a cool gadget for mobile phones, you have all the basic details setup, you know how the end product will look like, but you need money to produce it and distribute it. You call for help on the Internet, you write a project and you plan to post it online (hint – 6 Top Crowdfunding Websites: Which One Is Right For Your Project? – Forbes).

How will you promote this?

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Două magazine care fac afiliere pe care vi le recomand: și

Dacă vreți să faceți afiliere, vă recomand două magazine online:

  • (campania este disponibilă în rețeaua Profitshare). Motive?
    • Încrederea cumpărătorilor în brand. (multe produse se vând doar pentru că țin de eMAG) Poate cel mai cunoscut brand de vânzări în online în România.
    • Promoții foarte bune.
    • Rată bună de acceptare comisioane.
    • Timp scurt de plată comisioane.
    • Cel mai mare retailer online din România, și singurul brand care se compară cu cele off-line în segmentul (că nu e nișă, în niciun caz) în care activează.
  • (campania este disponibilă în rețeaua 2Parale)
    • Oamenii sunt familiarizați cu brandul din offline.
    • Nu există mulți furnizori pe zona de produse alimentare / obiecte de uz casnic.
    • Promoții bune, când există.
    • Rata bună de acceptare comisioanre și rapiditate ulterioară în plăți.

Am avut experiențe pozitive cu ambele branduri. Succes!

Thomas8047 - SALE, - SALE,
Thomas8047 – SALE,