Outsourcing to China

One argument against outsourcing to China is that they provide poor quality labor; but is it a powerful argument?

I liked this comment a lot:

EN (translated by me): „When the salary difference will be high, this won’t matter. You can’t explain otherwise why so many multinational companies have transferred hundreds of thousands of jobs to India. The reality is that it’s first about the prices, the rest are details which can be surpassed”.

RO (original): „Dar in momentul in care diferenta dintre salarii va fi din ce in ce mai mare, acest lucru nu va mai conta. Altfel nu s-ar explica de ce atatea multinationale au transferat sute de mii de posturi in India. Realitatea e ca in primul rand e vorba de costuri, restul sunt detalii care pot fi atenuate.”

So, yes, there might be problems with the quality, and Romania may have an edge in here; but for a high price difference, this won’t matter anymore. Simple, isn’t it?

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