On launching a business

There’s a speech I like a lot: Charlie Chaplin – Final Speech from The Great Dictator.

I’m thinking a lot about launching a business.

Two things stop me from doing so:

  • I totally refuse to pay others a small amount of money. I don’t like this habit I see a lot in “I, the entrepreneur, drive a Mercedes, the employee can walk”. But if I pay big wages, it’s hard to stay competitive.
  • I don’t have an idea to sell others as a perfect gift. I don’t have anything which is really moving the needle in “I want to give the world the gift of …”. This isn’t present in my life. There’s nothing I wish to sell others. Sure, I exaggerate, there are some things, I would like to make the world better, but, mostly, I can’t find a lot of things to sell that are part of my emotions. I don’t wake up in the morning saying “World, listen to me, I want to offer you the gift of …”. If I have some ideas, I put them on this blog, but there’s none with huge importance. Sure, I’d wish people would help one another, but I somehow feel that if I want to sell this there’s some sort of imposed ideas, which I dislike.

Still thinking about this.

Heiner Engbrocks - business as usual
Heiner Engbrocks – business as usual, https://flic.kr/p/2kMLP2p
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