Ideas multiply as they are seized

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” ― Sun Tzu

I do get some ideas, I am creative at times. But there are plenty of times I’m not creative at all, I follow rigid procedures, having a poor memory sometimes is a burden.

But when I do get an idea on how to improve a procedure, what to write on a blog post, I generally tend to write that idea down and follow up with a blog post as soon as I can.

Writing an idea down helps me clarify it and save it for later. Not for too much later, as I tend to forget things.

But once I write an idea down, generally more of them follow suit.

I’m not at all at Seth Godin‘s level, but I do my best to make the world better, and also work on myself.

How to get more ideas? Not only by reading more books, or watching movies, or reading the news, but also by doing things.

You tend to get more ideas if you expose yourself to things. Sure, reading helps in some aspects, but just by reading, in my opinion, you won’t solve lots of things. You need thinking and immersion, and for that a job well done is a great tutor.

Sean X Liu - Inquiring mind
Sean X Liu – Inquiring mind,
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