How NOT to put links?

Let’s have a look at:

What’s problematic about them?

If you look at the links in the footer:

  • Linkuri rapide
  • Garsoniere de vanzare Rahova
  • Case vile de vanzare Rahova
  • Apartamente 2 camere Rahova
  • Vanzari terenuri Rahova
  • Apartament 3 camere Rahova
  • Spatii industriale de Vanzare Rahova

Those links are not search engine friendly. Problems with those links:

  • There are a few areas in which you can put links – headers (hardly, I know!), sidebar, content (great) and footer. Out of those, the content is the best place to put a link. The footer is the worse. Why would you pick the footer?
  • The links are exact anchor text match. This might lead into problems.
  • While I do appreciate the design, they look nice, they are put in such a way that they affect the usability in a poor way.
  • For Panda algorithm update, one should rather avoid too much template footprint. They seem to ignore this piece of advice.
  • The links are side-wide, not so good.
  • The links cover the way for a possible footer menu. Not good.

All-in-all, if I were them, I’d find a more search engine friendly way to place those links.

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