Loving your enemies

There are two ways of looking at love:

  • „I can love everyone, but especially those enemies. They are bad and evil, but still, I love them. Evil exists, but it doesn’t bother me.”
  • „I love anyone. I think enemies don’t exist; the whole world is made of friends. If there are people that do bad deeds (I don’t they are, but they might be), I will consider they do evil out of a lack of knowledge, AND I will also consider that it’s totally fine for me to go through the bad stuff.”

I prefer the latter option.

I think:

  • Every bad thing can be attributed to a lack of knowledge/intelligence. If I can do this, it’s very easy to forgive.
  • I also think that if a bad thing happens to me, it is totally fine.

Orlando Imperatore - With Love
Orlando Imperatore – With Love, https://flic.kr/p/NnDuns

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