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What I liked about Coaching ’09 and Training ’09 (twenty tips) and what would I do better (three ideas)?

I told you into two previous messages about Coaching ’09 and Training ’09. Here’s what I liked about the event and some minor improvements.

What did I like?
1. The order of the presentations in the schedule was pretty much followed;
2. Unlike other events, Ramada Park was quite new in the world of event organizing in Bucharest (at least to me);
3. Speakers were fine;
4. Lots of drinks every day – at the conference table, in the lobby, at lunch;
5. At lunch, whenever a plate with food was empty, it was replaced; Good to know;
6. The cookies were good (so I’ve been told);
7. Lots of waiters to serve;
8. The food was fine;
9. There was a good idea with an event introduction and ending with the same team: Petra MULLER-DEMARY and Kirsten DIEROLF; Like in real coaching, the conference had a promise and a question (What do you expect from today from yourself?) and a final check-up (Did it really happen?);
10. The banners were unobtrusive;
11. The projectors and the flip-chart went fine; It may sound dull, but seeing a projector that does a good job and seeing a flip-chart that it’s just there is a plus;
12. There were pens and block notes on most chairs and tables, whether they were at the conference or at the seminars;
13. I got a lot of insights;
14. The organizers were friendly;
15. I got to know a lot of new people;
16. There was room for questions;
17. The breaks were long enough;
18. The event was well promoted;
19. I liked the structure of the conferences;
20. International speakers? Lovely! Lots of them? Great!

What would I do better? Tips for the organizers:
1. Rather than start the event at 10 AM and end it at 6 PM, and all day to be in a deep hurry, I’d much rather start it at 8 or 8:30 AM and end it at 6:30 PM; There’s no need for a hurry if you wish to hear great stuff;
2. Whenever I had to pick between taking part in just one of four simultaneous events, I had this problem – I didn’t know the trainers;
3. I think it would be best if a seminar was really a workshop (interactive, with demos, with role playing, with teams), rather than seminars; I’ve seen some seminars which had PowerPoint presentations, and I personally see a seminar in a different way; I’d much rather take part into an event that has workshops rather than presentations.

Bottom line: these were some of the best days I’ve spent at conferences, and clearly it was well spent time. Thank you, Business Edu.

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