How to find a list of relevant keywords for a web site?

Let’s say we want to create a list of keywords for dental clinic web site – a dental clinic which handles dental implants. How to set up the keyword list?

Firs, we need to start with the keywords from the client – dental implants, dental clinic bucharest, dentistry.

We take the keywords, and we use a keyword tool such as:

After some searches, we get to a keyword list similar to the one below

Keyword (Romanian)Monthly average searches in RomaniaGoogle AdWords competition
cabinet stomatologic605000,48
cabinete stomatologice405000,58
implant dentar181000,78
implanturi dentare181000,78
albire dinti148000,59
albirea dintilor148000,55
aparat dentar148000,53
aparate dentare148000,58
aparat ortodontic121000,55
clinica stomatologica81000,7
radiografie dentara81000,31
doctor stomatolog66000,24
medic dentist66000,2
proteze dentare66000,62
radiologie dentara66000,31
cabinet stomatologic bucuresti54000,83
radiografii dentare54000,31
preturi stomatologie44000,78
stomatologie copii29000,63
urgente stomatologice29000,42
clinici dentare29000,82
dentist bucuresti24000,6
doctori stomatologi24000,22
stomatolog copii24000,61
coroana dentara19000,51
rezectie apicala16000,04
coroane dentare16000,52
chirurgie dentara7200,4
medic ortodont5900,29
portelan dentar5900,56
chirurgie orala5900,24
dinti ceramica5900,36

The table gives us an overview over the potential of a keyword for the competition. After more research, we establish the keywords.

Now, we need to establish the pages to be created. We can do optimizations for two terms for a page:

  • [dental clinic] and
  • [bucharest clinic] can be combined into
  • [dental clinic bucharest].

For each final keyword made, one page will be created which will start with the desired keyword:

  • Dental clinic in Bucharest – what are your options?
  • Dental clinic in Bucharest – where to start the search from?
  • Dental clinic in Bucharest – how to choose?
  • Dental clinic in Bucharest – what are some top picks?

Then, the pages are created. For each page, one should look at things such as:

  • The title of the page (<title>…</title>).
  • The meta description tag (<meta name=”description” content=”…”).
  • The h1 tag, less important, though (<h1>…</h1>).
  • Alternative texts (img src=”…” alt=”…”).
  • The URL for the page (
  • Other on-page signals, specfici for each site.

In the above example, a good solution would be:

  • <title>Dental clinic in Bucharest – what are your options?</title>
  • <meta name=”description” content=”Dental clinic in Bucharest – what are your options? How to choose from the variety of options? Find out in the article some strategies on this.„>
  • <h1>Dental clinic in Bucharest – what are your options?</title>
  • <img src=”” alt=”Dentist X Y, speaking to his patients”>

For the following pages have been created, targeting keywords:

On the blog there have been new posts for long tail keywords, not necessarily the most targeted, but terms that might be looked for and are relevant for the business:


  • For some of the top keywords, there have been some results at the time, after which a linkbuilding campaign was made.
  • For the long tail keywords (strings made of more than one term), the results were even better, at that time there was no real competition for the terms, and good positions were obtained.

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P.S. #2, 2015.05.21: Also see:


Or it might not match expectations of searchers. This is distinct and different from searchers’ questions. So searchers’ questions is, „I want to know how artificial sweeteners might affect me.” Expectations might be, „I expect to learn this kind of information. I expect to find out these things.” For example, if you go down a rabbit hole of artificial sweeteners will make your skin shiny, they’re like, „Well, that doesn’t meet with my expectation. I don’t think that’s right.” Even if you have some data around that, that’s not what they were expecting to find. They might bounce back. (Why the Links You’ve Built Aren’t Helping Your Page Rank Higher – Whiteboard Friday – Moz)

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