On the likelihood that an Internet resource gets deleted

5809755809_efe96870a8„Stereotyping becomes mathematically more dangerous the more people you meet.” (Rand Fishkin – 24 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then – Rand’s Blog)

What Rand says is true. I tend to do so more and more. I will talk today based on a biased assumption I make.

What influences the likelihood that an Internet resource gets deleted?

  • The chances decrease for a professional whose income depends on the success of the web site. So, if I’m a professional blogger, I will keep my permalinks up-to-date, and, even if I change permalinks, or web addresses, or articles, I make sure that an old link is redirected to a new link.
  • The consistency of a person in other areas – so, a successful person may find it easier not to delete 2 years’ worth of blogging activities. „Ok, so, perhaps, I’m not right in the article I wrote last year. Still, I won’t delete it”.
  • Lack of technical skills may lead to two problems:
    • Failure to understand the situation (if I change the permalinks, the old links won’t work; if I delete an article, some visitors of mine might get frustrated etc.).
    • Failure to find a solution (redirect, new article).
  • The topic sensitivity (an upsetting article, an article which gets bad comments, an article on a perhaps not-so-ethical matter).

And a solution (save from online to offline everything you might need one year from now).

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