Ideal computer setup

If you look at pictures of desktops of top marketers (27 Pictures of Desks – Top Marketers Share Tips for Cameras, Mics, Lights and Hamsters | Orbit Media Studios), what you might notice is:

  • A lot of people use laptops, as opposed to PCs / Macs. I don’t think that’s a good idea, and the first reason for this is that you need a monitor for a proper image and an external keyboard + mouse for proper input.
  • Another reason? If you don’t use an external monitor or keyboard, your ergonomics at the office are likely poor.
  • Laptops are more expensive than their desktop counterparts.
  • Most laptops are also very limited in raw power when compared to desktops.
  • More prone to breaking, harder to repair.
  • Harder to upgrade.
  • There’s a big advantage – mobility of laptops -, but most people in that list spend a lot of time at the PC. If I were them, I’d use a not-so-performant laptop for travelling, and a performant PC for home.

Norm Wright - laptop detail
Norm Wright – laptop detail,

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