How will the world end?

I have friends who constantly give me news on the end of the world: how to build a bunker, what nuclear powers will do, and when will the next big war start.

These friends tend to spend some time reading about things but fail to act on their readings.

They don’t move to Antarctica, they don’t build a bunker, and they don’t hide in the closet.

As I view it, you’re much more likely to have issues with stability, and you could train your body equilibrium using exercises.

Also, you’re much more likely to be affected by alcohol, bad food, and not sleeping enough, much rather than what North Korea will do next.

If all you do is read what could go wrong, but you act on nothing like this, then, in my opinion, it doesn’t help.

Sure, if you think an earthquake will come, and you are a prepper and do things, that’s fine—read about earthquakes.

But if all you do is accumulate anxiety and do nothing about it, reading about a war in another part of the world does not help.

So, how will the world end? Likely, not via a catastrophe, but by falling from a ladder because you are not exercising enough and don’t have enough dexterity. Read about practical things, not things that are out of your control/interest but give you anxiety.

Melusina Parkin - Worlds 3
Melusina Parkin – Worlds 3,

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