You’re not good enough for this

It’s my birthday today, and I can’t stop but think at this – some people don’t understand why I say I’m not good enough for some things.

I posted some photos online, some people liked them so much that they thought I should print them.

I don’t think I’m an artist-photographer.

I look for beauty, I’ve done more than 100,000 photos until now.

But I’m a beginner, still.

I haven’t studied things a lot, I just got some experience.

I don’t even look at a lot of other people’s photos, and, even if I do, in a lot of things I’m a beginner.

For example, shooting images in a room with low light or images in a theater, where’s there’s both a lot of light and not enough light should be a task for a beginner, at most a medium photographer. I’m not that good, I don’t shoot photos so well.

Even at composition, while I do know the basics, I’m not an expert.

I also don’t like to spend a lot of time on a photo, both when taking it and when editing it.

I don’t think that everybody should do everything. Yes, photography is a hobby, but I have some criteria in order to publish something, and that criteria has not been met until now.

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