The future of reputation management on the Internet

At SEM Days 2012, Lucian DESPOIU (Kondiment) presented his feed-back on what is the future of reputation management (RM) on the Internet.

What does it mean?

  • More and more people will be interested in RM. As the Internet grows, ordinary citizens, journalists, will want to have a better online reputation. There will be growing demand for such services.
  • There will be more and more channels where the message will be present. There are a lot of online services already. Expect more to arrive. Just think of it like this – „Do I have a good presence on a network popular in Romania, but not elsewhere – Do I do fine in there?” There a lot of web sites like this one.
  • As more and more channels will appear, sites like, which help you handle multiple accounts / multiple online presences / multiple channels where people might talk about you, will grow in importance. Sure, you can create a LinkedIn / Xing / Jigsaw / Viadeo account just to see a profile, but it’s much more nice to have an online tool which helps you handle all these channels.
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