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Funny thoughts about a feed-back about my writing

I’m part of a class for creative writing by Calea Victoriei foundation. You can see here some writings of mine: 1, 2, 3 and I’ve already written about the process of writing.

At the class, in the first workshops at least, participants (including me) had to write some texts (some at home, some at the workshops themselves).

Some feed-back:
– The person holding the class gave almost entirely positive feed-back to the participants; I began to think that it was somewhat sugaring things up, to make them look positive – „Oh, you write so well”; „I like the way in which you express”; „Do you also write in your spare time?”, etc.; … that is, until it got to me; the feed-back stopped being overall positive; some writing of mine was considered without any substance, no metaphors involved; I am, supposedly, bad at writing philosophy; my skills are better suited for SF (Science-Fiction) works; I’m not that good at showing how people speak in real life; I’m not that good at presenting things realistically;
– Trying to make a good comment to compensate for the bad feed-back received (I guess), at some point, while reading to the whole class my paper, the teacher said about this quote:
„Viața e doar atât – curajul fizic în fața morții” („Life is just this – the physical courage in front of death”)
that this is a good idea; it was awkward to explain that the very first thought that he liked was not mine;
– At some point we did some exercise in which we had to present ourselves in 3 lines, each with 14 characters (including spaces) exactly; my thoughts about me were:
a. I am a machine („Eu sunt mașină”);
b. Follow the rule („Urmează regula”);
c. Get a result („Obține rezultat”);
The person holding the workshop was unimpressed by my lack of emotions and challenged my view;

So what was funny?
To me, the funny part was to discover my weaknesses and my (rather big) inadequacy to a group composed mostly of people which wrote and read a lot; it was very funny to compare myself with others and to see how am I perceived by others; quite cool; it was me, totally different than the rest of the group; how nice!

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