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Titi Aur, rally pilot, Armand Domuță – Restart Energy One CEO, Diana Oncioiu, reporter, independent journalist, Paula Rusu, journalist and blogger, are coming to Fuckup Nights Bucharest to discuss failure, how they have overcome it and what they have learned from it Fuckup Nights Bucharest, chapter 13, is making a physical comeback, at CoOperativa Bar

Bucharest, 27th April, 2022: Titi Aur – rally pilot, Armand Domuță – CEO Restart Energy One, Diana Oncioiu – reporter, Paula Rusu – journalist and blogger are talking about career challenges at the Fuckup Nights Bucharest, chapter 13.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 19th, at CoOperativa Bar (86 Icoanei 86 Str.). Purchase the tickets here or here.

Fuckup Nights shines new perspectives over professional mishaps and encourages creativity in regards to finding solutions that can help us come out of difficult situations.

Four new personalities, with different areas of expertise, are taking the stage at FUN XIII, to share how they turned failure into a useful tool for success: Paula Rusu, journalist and blogger at, Titi Aur, rally pilot and founder of the “Titi Aur” Academy, Armand Domuță, CEO Restart Energy One and Diana Oncioiu, a reporter at the independent media platform They will tell us their stories of failure and the role it has played in forging their way to success, at the first physical FUN Bucharest event this year.

“Fuckup Nights Bucharest is the only event bringing together people who don’t seem to have much in common, at a first glance. It is an event meant for everyone who wants to be inspired, learn, evolve and gives up any preconceived ideas about success and career fulfillment. The speakers’ stories create a sense of belonging to a community, at least for a short period. This feeling can be transformative, should we allow it to be so when we realize this is something we all have in common: failure and the fear of it. FUN is both an emotional and funny event, and it helps us humanize the experiences each of us goes through” states Diana Iosu, Fuckup Nights Bucharest organizer.

The event will be hosted by Julia Nagy, radio and television journalist.

Paula Rusu is a journalist and blogger at, as well as an communication trainer, health activist and entrepreneur. After a personal experience that left her only one lung to breathe with, Paula made a career switch to health communication, which she often writes about on her personal blog. She does not see having one lung as a disability, but as an opportunity that allowed her to make a major change in her life and career. The seemingly unfavorable circumstances propelled a positive transformation. This is why she sees professional failure as an opportunity if you spot the lesson you need to learn. If you don’t, the failure will happen again, until you do.

Titi Aur, rally driver and founder of the “Titi Aur” Academy. Titi Aur is the most famous Romanian rally driver, with his 8 Absolute National Champion titles, won throughout a 27-year sports career. What Titi remembers from his teenage years is the brand Dacia and that he was crazy about cars! He participated in the first race with an (almost) stolen car, without his parents knowing about it. Titi is in Romania now, but in 1987 he fled the country, on foot. He arrived in Paris and settled there, but not before returning to the country for his girlfriend, at the risk of being arrested or even shot. A picture of the map in his mind is all he left with, but he managed to reach Trieste, Italy, making his way through a forest. Orientation has been his most valuable asset when racing, also: once he memorizes the route, Titi knows exactly what he has to do. Every failure and every lost rally have brought him back to the starting line, to begin the race again. The same philosophy applies to his personal and professional goals. The race has become a metaphor for his challenges in life, which he looks at as the long road ahead. Titi believes failing does not mean giving up or stopping what you have to do, and his professional career is a perfect example of this.

Armand Domuță, CEO of Restart Energy One has extensive business and management experience, which he seems to have applied exactly right to „Restart Energy”, the project he has poured his heart and soul into. Creating a transparent eco-friendly energy system for his customers was one of Armand’s greatest dreams, and that’s exactly what he has been doing for the last 10 years: he has developed renewable energy projects (PV, hydro and biomass), for which he has found partners from all over the world. Armand studied Marketing Management, Accounting and Finance. He will guide us along the path to success he has opened for himself and we will find out directly from him what obstacles he had to face and what he did to overcome them.

Diana Oncioiu, a reporter at the independent media platform worked in television, at Realitatea TV and Digi24, for five years, after which she left the mainstream media for the independent media. Now, Diana is a reporter at the media platform and is a member of the “Let There Be Light” („Să Fie Lumină”) project team, developed in partnership by and the Media Investigation Center. Diana is passionate about social issues – such as violence against women, education, social assistance, extreme poverty, and social exclusion. Diana’s decision to leave the mainstream media in favor of the independent media was called into question by people, who could not accept the possibility of failure at the age of 30. However, Diana made a brave choice: she gave up something secure for something uncertain. Eight years later she is still performing in the independent media.

Fuckup Nights Bucharest is part of a series of events that take place globally, in 321 cities and 91 countries all over the world. The event’s focus is on approaching professional failures constructively and it is meant for small and big antrepreneurs, corporate workers, freelancers, and students alike.

Previous Fuckup Nights Bucharest editions are captured here: Vol IVol IIVol IIIVol VIVol X.

The event’s partners are: FAN Courier, Radio Guerilla, CoOperativa, Complice, Techcelerator, ROTSA – Romanian Tech Startups Association, ClujHub, Fonduri Structurale, Bizilive, More Networking, Learning Network, Psychologies, Cooperativa FruFru, IQAds, SMARK, IQool, Revista CARIERE, Commons, SocialPedia, Sandler Training and Sabina Cornovac Online.

More details about the event can be found on its dedicated page, as well as on Facebook.



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