Two kinds of feed-back and their importance

I think there are two kinds of feed-back:

  • Emotional feed-back – “You did this, my reaction to this is this emotion”.
  • Logical feed-back – “This can be improved like this & like that”.

Feed-back is hugely important:

  • See an animation movie and see how characters react one to the other. In my opinion, the essence of how a movie will be perceived is given by the way the feed-back is given (and, in emotions, exaggeration counts).
  • If you want to get better, you need logical feed-back. That’s why I do audits.

I think feed-back is very important to the society as a whole. In order to grow, you need feed-back.

I am a Digital Marketing freelancer. My expertise is in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / UX (user experience) / WordPress. Co-founder of (series of events on SEO & PPC) and (Book on branding for MDs). On a personal level, I like self-development - events, sports, healthy living, volunteering, reading, watching movies, listening to music.

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