Small tip about Facebook pages and 20% reach problem – create, if you can, a Facebook group, instead of a Facebook page

Facebook-skins-post (1)At the Lumea SEO PPC series of events, we didn’t like Facebook pages as much. Initially, we created a standard Facebook user. Time passed, we made a Facebook group, a place where pretty much all the conversation went. Then, we converted the user into a page, but lots of things were lost (especially photos). Right now, we have no user, but a page and group. The community, concerning the number of members, is bigger on the page (close to 1,300 likes) than on the group (900+). We can’t say the same thing about the activity (engagement) of the users, which are more active on the group than on the page.

This would be the small tip of the current article – if it is possible, take into account creating a Facebook group, rather than a classic page. Perhaps an online store wouldn’t be a prefect fit for a group, in which the buyers and sellers share the same level. Perhaps an institution wants to communicate one-to-many (as on a page), not one-to-one (like in a group, where any member can have become a message carrier).

But if you have a group of people which may potentially be united in a Facebook group, you can take into account that, when the moment of „let’s join Facebook” comes, you would do this on a group, not on a Facebook page.

The advantage? The fact that only about 20% of the people who liked your page actually see its messages, unlike the Facebook group, where, if they wish so, the members receive more notifications.

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