Excessive promotions

See this ad:


It is supposed to make me go from „free service – 2 GB” to „paid service – 10 GB”.

What’s the problem with it? It tries so much to do upselling, that I don’t trust the brand anymore.

  • It’s obviously I generally wouldn’t pay for social sharing (I can share things very well on my own, thank you very much, and, also, generally the things which I send via a service like this aren’t meant for Facebook / other network sharing.
  • I can create a password encrypted archive very easily, but I can see the utility of the service (for ease of use, for the people who might not have installed on their computer a software with ability to decompress files with passwords.
  • Personalized pages. Come on, this is not meant paying for.
  • No ads (it’s not included in the list above, but it’s a reason).

Yes, going from 2 to 10 GB is a powerful reason. I understand why I would pay these money. But the extras? Not so much.

Perhaps most people look at the list above and say to themselves – „look, you also get this and that”. Perhaps this happens. I don’t deny this. I’m just saying that to me, personally, this is really a frustrating ad to see and by giving me so many (useless) options, I have a smaller trust in the brand.

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