eMAG – the strong points

It makes you wonder – what does eMAG.ro have that makes it the online store with the most sales in Romania (and, in IT&C niche, the most recognized brand, online/offline)?

In my opinion, it’s the feeling of safety, combined with good prices & good system.

Let me develop on this:

  • You feel safe buying from:
    • The #1 online player;
    • The #1 online/offline brand in IT&C;
    • A company who offers you, as an extra, 1 or 2 years warranty;
  • You get good prices:
    • They’re not the smallest online prices, but they’re below the average;
    • When they offer discounts, they have competitive prices;
    • Sometimes, they have the best prices on the market (recently, they had Black Friday – I think they went negative with the profits then on some products);
  • They offer a good system:
    • Although they are an on-line merchant, they have lots of off-line presence;
    • Their marketing offers (newsletter, recommended products, contests, blog, comments from the community, „Joy in a box”) are some of the best I’ve seen;
    • Their web site is just great – if I want to find out, quickly, what’s a good product to buy, I just visit the product category on eMAG and look at the first product listed (they always put it, as default, the products with most sales); their search option lists categories not after the search field, but in front of them (small, but important);
    • The warehouse & delivery are impeccable;
The mix between „we’re so good”, „we can make you feel good for an extra year or two” with „we won’t rip you off on prices” and „we offer a good system” makes eMAG a good brand.
The extra warranty seems to be just their brand – „you buy from us, you won’t pay a lot, but you will feel extra good”. I think this is how they are positioned.

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