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Simple site review: Orange web store

In my opinion, Orange Romania web store does two things:

  • Charges a premium for offering products (they have some of the highest prices on the online stores market);
  • Offers a less-than-premium service.

Let’s have a look at the second affirmation:

  • On the ordering process, you can’t leave any comment on the order; no specifications, no nothing; I had to call the Call Center for this;
  • There is no live support function;
  • The web site uses lots of different fonts, formats, sizes, and it’s, thus, complicated;
I won’t get into too many details, but the process of ordering a product on Orange web site is, to me, complicated.
What happens after you order?
Problems with the emails:
  • I make an online order, I receive a confirmation email; I expect to get:
    • The company contact information (how can I get in touch with you);
    • An easy way to reply (in this case, it’s filling out a form in three steps);
    • A little courtesy – don’t say „Salut[space],”, but say „Salut Olivian”; you know my name, use it; the [space] actually looks like an error;
    • An option to view the ordered products – I don’t have it; the mail gives me no information, and not even a link to where I can do this; „figure it out your own”;
    • The exact price, in lei, I will pay – I still don’t know it, after the second email;
    • When will my product be delivered?
  • Both emails contain links to three questions; let’s have a look at the link to the answer to the first question on Orange web site:
    • Out of 35 votes, 30 people considered the answer as unuseful; this doesn’t seem to matter, as the last reply from Orange is more than a year ago;
    • The answer to the question is very hidden in a page filled with lots of other stuff; I clicked to get the answer, give me the answer;
    • The question is „who delivers the products” gets answered strangely:
      • External courier services – what’s that? What companies deliver Orange products? Can’t tell, even if this is the answered required for the question;
      • It doesn’t matter to me if Orange itself or „external” companies deliver the product; this is not relevant to me (unless Orange would imply that the quality of external providers is not the same as theirs);
Bottom line: I ordered a phone on Orange web site, it was a rather difficult process and, after I ordered, I still can’t really tell lots of things. Things could be improved a lot.
There are free shopping systems which offer a lot better experience than the current one on Orange web site (only to refer to mailing systems).
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