I don’t have enough trust in myself

There are two options:

  • Trust yourself and act accordingly.
  • Don’t trust yourself so much, and take the consequences.

The thing is, as with many simple things, the decision is not so simple. I don’t think there’s a definite answer on this one. There might be situations in which having a poor self-trust will turn out well. In other situations, things differ.

I see things go wrong due to too much self-trust. I think it’s more productive in some cases to have self-trust. In others, not.

Examples of poor self-trust:

  • You write an article. You value others’ opinions much. Whenever you say something on your own, you need to emphasize “This is my opinion. The personal one”.
  • Someone wants to help you. You don’t think you deserve it. You say no.
  • Someone wants to help you. You don’t think you have the right to say no. You say yes.

Good self-trust:

  • You take decisions on your own, without asking for everybody’s permission.
  • You don’t speak of yourself, you speak of a group, even if not everyone is 100% pleased with this.
  • You initiate things and see them through.


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