Let’s say you want to help everyone without any discernment. You help your colleagues at work, you help anyone who asks for your help, and you say „Yes!” to everything.

What will likely happen? You’ll have trouble finishing your own tasks at work, you’ll help people who will use your help for bad purposes, you’ll be overwhelmed with tasks, be constantly tired, and always do your work poorly.

What started out as a good thing proves to be wrong.

You might be so shy that you are afraid to start a conversation with a potential sweetheart. You are so afraid of speaking in public that you don’t attend events. Furthermore, you don’t like networking, so you never initiate conversations.

A cynical, brave, careless, self-centered person might do some things better than a good person at the above things.

I’m not suggesting you become an evil person. I think, as others also do, that bad deeds and evil things can be done very easily; it’s very easy to harm or hurt someone.

But I do suggest not always to consider that a cynical person has only faults.

Anyone can relate - 9GAG
Anyone can relate – 9GAG

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