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Regarding organizing a contest for likes on Facebook: this is a very bad idea, in my opinion.

Who will like your page in such a contest? Someone interested in the award and not relevant to the audience. That is, you will no longer have 500 likes, you will have 5,000 likes.

The problem? The audience will not be engaged, will not comment when they post, will not like, will not share.

And instead of helping the 5,000 likes, they will pull you down, because your visitors will not be interested in what is posted on the page.

I do not recommend doing contests to get to an untargeted audience.

What I would do is work with an agency and/or freelancer on Facebook, and ask them about a campaign that can reach more people with Facebook posts.

And that’s OK, that the message will reach a target audience relevant to them, and even if it’s more expensive and more difficult to do, it will be more relevant to them than to do what you say – contest for likes.

In my opinion, a contest for likes is not that different from a campaign for buying likes – it looks pretty, but it’s not that valuable.

Thomas Hawk - Facebook HQ
Thomas Hawk – Facebook HQ,

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