About the bounce rate

I’ve seen people worrying about bounce rates around 60%. I think there are two types of bounce rate:

  • Some people might search for various terms, go to your web site via the search engines, find what they are looking for, and then go away. I think this is a good type of bounce rate.
  • Others might look for something, get to your web site, but be dissatisfied, and go back to Google. For those people, I think the bounce rate indicates that something is wrong.

I would advise you to think about these two types of bounce rates when analyzing.

Another thing – some types of businesses have a high bounce rate due to their niche. It’s normal for a publishing web site to have a high bounce rate. A mortgage calculator which refreshes the page after it performs calculations, though, shouldn’t have a high bounce rate.

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Small Dropbox hint

Whenever you right click on a file or folder in Dropbox, and choose “Share”, you will generally get a link which looks like this:


Ever wondered what “dl=0” stands for? It’s download, and it’s set, as a default not to download your file.

Just change dl=0 to dl=1 and the file will automatically start downloading whenever the recipient of the link clicks on it.

There are a lot of storage solutions these days, but I prefer Dropbox for better integration with other services, like ifttt.com.

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The email + label solution in GMail (myemail+thissite@gmail.com) might be wrong

You might know of this solution: in GMail, you can write your email: myemail@gmail.com (for example) in the following ways:

  • my.email@gmail.com
  • m.y.e.m.a.i.l@gmail.com
  • my.ema.il@gmail.com
  • myemail+label1@gmail.com
  • myemail+label2@gmail.com
  • mye.m.a.i.l+label1@gmail.com

… And so on, pretty much any combination of dots and labels.

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Differences between a panel discussion and a single speech

When organizers of a conference have a lot of good speakers and only a day or two in which to have them all speak, they organize the speakers into panels. It sounds good at the beginning: 5 speakers on stage, each giving their reply to the questions, as they arise.

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When you volunteer, you will tend to work for yourself

Just Google [volunteering helps with] and you will get some reasons for which people volunteer.

But the most important reasons are these two:

  • Instead of watching TV, you’ll feel better after you volunteer.
  • Instead of working, you’ll also feel better when volunteering.

I think I’ve read it first on Derek Siver’s blog, but it was also a long thought of mine, that in order to best help an NGO you should do the work which is most impactfull (which is likely to be something closely related to your 9-to-5 job), and use the money you earn like this to help NGOs. This should have more impact than you giving flyers and organizing events.

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The most powerful question to ask for self-development: “So, it’s his fault?” (via Nigel Risner)

More than 10 years ago, in October 18, 2007, at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest, HR Club organized a conference at which I’ve first seen Nigel Risner. His talk was about “How to Create IMPACT as an HR Partner”.

At some point, he asked for volunteers to a task which anyone should have volunteered to (be in front of people, be applauded). He picked the fastest person to raise his hand, and then asked a curious question to a participant – “Why didn’t you raise your hand?”. And the answer came “He was faster than me.”, to which Nigel Replied “So, it’s his fault?”

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Wonder (2017) – the seventh movie I like a lot

Yesterday I watched Wonder (2017).

It’s the seventh movie I like a lot, after Le Notti di Cabiria (1957), The Grey (2012), Gattaca (1997), Saving Mr. Banks (2013)The Butterfly Effect (2004), Inside Out (2015).

I looked at the list above, and noticed that most of the movies in the list are dramas, and only two are comedies. Only one movie is an action movie. I noticed I tend to avoid dramas, and watch action movies, and comedies more. That’s a bit of a strange choice, given the context.

“Wonder” is a delicate movie, gives you some perspectives on life. I don’t consider it very realistic, it gives an unrealistic optimism over life. And I think that’s a good thing, movies should do that. You don’t watch a movie for the brutal truth, but for the good it should bring in you.

Otherwise, it’s a powerful movie, with tough emotions. I haven’t cried, though. :)

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How do I love?

In the past, I used to deeply admire some persons. For the rest, the inevitable question arose: “Why aren’t you why you could be, if you really wanted?” (a model).

Nowadays, I don’t have any models. There are some people for which I care more than for others, but it’s not a big difference.

Also, I tend to have lost the need for attachment. I used to think that to love someone, I needed to be attached to that person. Not anymore.

This gives me some freedom (I can be wherever I must be, without caring too much about models).

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