Follow-up: A few thoughts on my recent trip to the mountains in Buzău County

Recently (from 15th of July to 19th of July 2010) I’ve been to a village near Buzău county, Romania.

You can see a few pictures I’ve taken (also in full-screen):

What are my thoughts on the trip?
a. I could clearly see the starts at night which made me think on the pollution the cities, be them large or small, have;
b. Despite being at the countryside, there were barely any fruits; in the city life, you go to the market and you can buy, no matter the time of the year, from a quite considerable variety of fruits; go to the countryside and the variety greatly diminishes to the fruits available in that specific time of the year;
c. Bugs everywhere; if you’re in the city and you kill a bug, you know at least you won’t meet that bug in your apartment; on the countryside, killing bugs is pointless; there are just to many of them, and they seem to be everywhere; your deed doesn’t do a thing;
d. If something needs to be fixed, you need to fix it; no calling anyone, no asking for help; you’re on your own;
e. While in Năvodari there is hardly anything for me to enjoy outside my home, at the countryside there’s literally nothing you can do; long live the big cities!
f. In Bucharest, if it rains you get an umbrella and that’s it; raining in the countryside implies much more thing – difficult transportation, nothing to do around the house, poor television reception; walking in the rain is no pleasure!
g. „Eco” is the thing; everyone, whether they know it or not, lives in an ecological environment; lots of emphasis on this;
h. The relation with divinity is much closer than anywhere else – a lot of people go to church, they dress very nice for the event of the week – going to church -, a lot of people fast, there are a lot of ceremonies involving the Church and God;
i. People, comparing to their incomes and comparing to the number of participants at the church, are much more likely to bring food to give away at church than in any other place in the city that I’ve seen;
j. It was interesting to see the little war with mobile networks signal – sometimes you got a very weak signal, sometimes a bit better, and sometimes none whatsoever.

I liked the trip a lot, it helped me disconnect.

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