When you buy a product, should you buy it after only seeing it online, or should you go to a store to view it, and only then buy it?

Let’s say you want to buy something. You can’t decide whether it suffice to buy the product online, or you should see the actual product in store, test it for a while. I talk in this article on tips on how to buy a computer case, a mouse, a keyboard, a CPU, a case fan, a backpack for a photo camera, some electronic cords, some headsets, a flat TV and a computer monitor. I also give basic criteria on what to look for on any of these products. I use, for my research and example, only amazon.com. I also give links to some reviews I made during the past years for some products I mention in this article. The article has both a video and a text version, they tend to complement each other well.

Let’s proceed then.


The video which says it all in 16 minutes:

Some things I mention in the article:

The criteria you should know for buying online:

  • It’s a bigger risk of getting something which doesn’t fits your needs. You can buy a mouse which is too big (it happened to me), or to small (it happened, also). You can order clothing which don’t fit you. And so on.
  • You generally get bigger discounts while buying online.
  • If you buy a product online and the price cut is significant, you might want to just buy it online, and take a risk (for example, buying a refurbished or second-hand product, or buying something with a huge discount).
  • Generally, it’s more convenient to have the product delivered at your door, rather than going to a store.
  • You have the option of testing products in brick-and-mortar stores, and then going online to buy, although this is a bit unethical.
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