On the best article length for SEO purposes

What’s the ideal article length, for SEO purposes?

What Is the Best Word Count for SEO?:

The length of the copy on that page should be as much as is needed to aid the user in completing their goals on the page – whether that is quickly identifying the answer to a question, providing an in-depth explanation of a subject, or simply conveying the specs of a product.

Too Much Content On Your E-Commerce Category Pages For Google?:

So I’m not saying all of that text at the bottom of your page is bad but maybe 90%, 95% of that text is unnecessary but some amount of text is useful to have on a page so that we can understand what this page is about.

What’s the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO?

Give users what they want regardless of how many words it takes to say it.

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be for SEO? – Portent:

In other words, if you can write your blog post and fulfill your reader’s intent in 300 words, then maybe you should. If it requires 3,000 words to make the reader feel the blog post was of value, then that’s perfectly fine, too.

Conclusion: make the article as relevant for the user as you can make it.

How to write the articles, for SEO purposes?

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