Be enthusiastic!

I recently read somewhere that it’s a good practice that you always start with the same energy, enthusiasm, and motivation whenever you start something.

I was once asked, „Do you wish to work for us?” (it was an online agency).

I knew some negative implications of these (more effort for less money, high dependence on a single employer, lack of diversity, losing my current clients, the bureaucracy of either closing my freelancing company or juggling a dual status – employee and having a personal company at the same time).

My answer was a hesitant yes. When confronted with the question, „Hmm, are you enthusiastic about this?” I gave some possible reasons for not being enthusiastic. As you might imagine, the talk ended there.

The thing is, I still don’t know what I did wrong. I did have fears, and they were reasonable. Did I like the new job? Yes, but with implications, and considerations, and doubts.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, and logically and rationally, I prefer a person who thinks about the consequences of their actions to an always-happy-always-joyful person who might get disappointed.

When I start something new, I think of what might go wrong and take measures against this.

When trying to foresee what could happen, I put the evil first and take action against it.

Am I constantly happy? Generally, no, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this.

I prefer success to being happy.

Do I take risks and start things? Yes.

Am I always happy? No, and I think that is fine.

I remember an HR person at a conference in college, something like 22 years ago, who talked about a potential employee. That person said in a shallow, monotone, slow, dull voice: „I’m very enthusiastic!”. I like that person’s solution more and more as time passes.

Prem Rose - Jayantii Laughing
Prem Rose – Jayantii Laughing,

PS; 2024.04.14: I think there’s a problem if you accept nothing but enthusiasm. I believe enthusiasm is exemplary; being energetic, optimistic, and with batteries fully charged is a good solution and option.

But I dislike having the only option, „enthusiasm.”

It’s okay to be skeptical and realistic; I am open to discussions even if I’m not enthusiastic.

It’s okay to start any project with both optimism and realism.

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