Choosing a DVD Writer – Asus DRW-24B3ST

I will speak about picking a DVD Writer, in this case,  Asus DRW-24B3ST.

As said, for some components it’s best to do the research on yourself – When you buy IT things, should you do research or not? – Get a result now!.

The trouble, in my opinion, there is not one single web site for testing DVD Writers:

  • In the past, Optical Storage – of Hardware Reviews used to do a lot of DVD Writer reviews; now they’ve stopped;
  • You can still read in the press „We tested X model, and we give it 5 out 5 for perfomance, and 4 out of 5 for price”; tell, me, after reading 5 reviews like this, from different sources, which DVD Writer you buy? I don’t need a single product tested, with a grade like „Hmm, it’s pretty cheap, and good quality, you can buy it”; I need „we tested 30 DVD Writers, this is the best / a best buy / cheapest for its offerings / cheapeast / coolest / fastest”; this I can use; a single product tested doesn’t tell me much.

Yes, there are places on the Internet for testing more expensive stuff, but, come on, a DVD Writer is about 25 EUR; who cares for that? Well, I do.

The solution?

I am about to buy the product, haven’t bought it yet; if you want my opinion, you can’t tell a difference between different products after usage; I own a DVD Writer – DVR-215D (Archived) – Pioneer Europe. Prior to this I had – Pioneer DVR-110D; I can’t tell the difference; I have written only on TDK disks and I’ve been fine; recently I’ve switched to TraxData disks and had some problems at maximum speed (20x for DVD+R), and no problem and „normal” speeds (12x); I switched to Verbatim (I can’t find TDK easily), and no problems whatsoever; so, please, tell me – it’s a TraxData problem or a Pioneer problem? :) To me, the answer to this is very difficult; I had the optical drive for years and no problem whatsoever;
How to choose?
  • In picking the „best” DVD Writer, I think you may do fine with a second place also; one doesn’t need the „best” DVD Writer; the difference on price may be substantial;
  • I consider myself a „heavy” DVD Writer user, I write about 200 DVDs per year (yes, I know, it’s a lot); so, I do look for quality in this;
  • If you need printing on the DVD, or you want to read Blu ray disks, or you don’t need special speeds of the disk, or you only want to read disks, not write them, you may find a more suitable product (with the mention that you will probably not save more than 15 EUR);
Where to buy?

A review in Romanian:

Other drives, tested:

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