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Some people have diaries. They’re personal, of course, even if they only write in it the calories consumed at lunch or the money they’ve spent in a day. Even a map with a jogging course can be personal.

I like to write personal thoughts on my blogs (1, 2).

At times, some people told me:

  1. I write too personal, too deep, too intimate.
  2. I have a way of looking at my life which seems external. Even if I write about personal dilemmas, it may look like I’m writing about somebody else.

The thing is, I do have this emotional issue – I don’t get too attached to people, of myself, of pretty much anything. I wrote about this on my blog.

So, I can write about myself from an external point of view.

The tricky part is when I write about close-to-me personal, about very personal experiences. To most people, this would be a definite no-no.

For me, it’s like this – I understand the need for privacy, and I generally don’t write about that. But still, it’s somehow external to me.

Until now, I didn’t write about pretty much anyone, but, in my mind, I wrote a lot of times. And it’s a bit scary, this freedom, although not expressed. I know that it’s about things which are supposed to be private, but, somehow, they’re not.

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