How to get to 1,000 likes on Facebook in a natural, organic way, fast?

You can replicate this question to other social media interactions:

  • How to get 1,000 Twitter new followers?
  • How to have 1,000 new connections on LinkedIn?
  • How to get in the circles of 1,000 new people on Google+?

So, how to get to 1,000 likes on Facebook in a natural, organic way, fast?

The simple answer – you can’t, following all the criteria. The detailed answer – below.


How can you do things fast, if you really want to?

  • On Facebook and Google+, you could start sharing photos which you know people like to share & like a lot (photos with cats, photos which ask for a patriotic feeling, photos with a quote from someone else, something which is funny/annoying).
  • If you want lots of connections on LinkedIn, you can just start adding people randomly. In time, you’ll get to 1,000 new people (if LinkedIn doesn’t block you from sending out invitations).
  • On Twitter, you just start talking to everybody, without much judgement.

The problem with doing things fast:

  • The people you will add will not be your actual audience. Sure, by adding 1,000 friends, you will get to some people. But the vast majority of them will not be your audience. This leads, in turn, to:
    • Poor engagement – people won’t like your posts, will not comment, will not share, will not interact with you.
    • People will be more likely not to buy your services.
    • You will tend to have an audience of complete strangers.
  • If you have a very general audience (absolutely anyone can be interested in your services), it may make sense to get a large number of new fans.

How, still can you do this better? How can you get to 1,000 new [something] faster?

  • Post quality things, highly related to your audience, more often. Serve your audience better & faster.
  • Create campaigns, create things specifically targeted to your audience.
  • Buy advertising.


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