The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) is a movie about freedom

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) is more about freedom than anything else. Most of the times (a huge amount of the time), that freedom is used for evil. There’s this joke:

Ninety percent of my salary I spent on booze and women … and the other ten percent I wasted
– Tug McGraw


What’s the good part of all that? When the friend of the main character almost chokes to death, due to swallowing a piece of meat, there’s no stopping to the actions of Wolfie in order to help his friend. He fights with no barriers.

Let’s say we have two presidents:

  • One is ethical, moral, just, but a poor administrator of country affairs.
  • The other one is vicious, immoral, bad character, but excellent at running the country.

Which is the better president?

Most people have much better ethics than Wolfie. But do they also have his power to fight for good as he has when he fights for his friend’s life?


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