What is beauty?

This blog is about clarifying my personal views on beauty.

You’ve read perhaps a recent message on the blog with a quote like this:

My personal quest for beauty has ended; I have the list of extraordinary persons and, as I detailed on a previous post, I can’t see anything better than this; I’ve already seen beauty; In an atypical analogy, you can think of the situation just like in football championships; Sometimes, a few games between a championship ends, the winner of the championship is already known; How does the champion team plays? It has already won, every victory from now on is for the fun of it; You don’t actually need it, but you like to play the game; Another atypical analogy – it’s also like a game of gymnastics: when X gets a perfect 10 at one time, even if it repeats the same performance years after, it can only equal the past given grade; You can’t out-beat a perfect 10; This is me – I’ve already found perfect beauty (the list of extraordinary people), and every new sensation can (at most) reach the level of previous ones;

So, to me, beauty can be found in that very blog post:

one person made it to the short list of extraordinary persons

and also on this list.
Now you know what beauty is to me. But how about the photos with pictures? Isn’t there beauty to please the eye? Sure there is, I like architecture, I like flowers, I like the sky and I like aesthetically-pleasing things. But, all-in-all, after all is said and done, beauty lies in the people I admire most. Flowers are beautiful for the eye, but for my very being what I like most is the list of extraordinary people in my life. That’s it.

Everything revolves around those persons. I want to be more educated / skilled / a better person so that I could better comprehend what’s their impact in my life. I want to be a better me to feel a worthy of living on this Earth. And if I were to bet on something, I’d bet on the utmost success of those persons (why? Because, to me, they already have they highest level of success).

Why do I shoot things? Why photographing something?

  • I want to better understand what’s beauty as seen by others; if I am to say “beauty is mostly in extraordinary people”, I would like to have seen, prior to this, some example of beauty (as perceived by others); therefore, if I say “see the list for beauty”, I should be able to provide some counter-examples (“this is not really as beautiful”);
  • most of the pictures, surprising as it may be, are not for me; I rarely, if ever, look at previously shot photos; when I came from a recent trip, I told a good friend – “here are your photos”; he was surprised – “my photos? They’re your photos”; actually, to me, they’re his.

This is how I perceive beauty.

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