Some tips about the most important on-page element: the title element

The title tag, known by some, a bit incorrect, as the title „meta” tag, is considered one of, if not the most, important on-page element.

Some tips on it:

  • Generally, it’s OK to use the brand name of the company at the end of it: „title – Brand name”.
  • I generally advise in using „: ” separator before the brand name. Alternatively, you could use „ | ” or „ – ”.
  • For the homepage, I would put the brand name at the beginning of the title.
  • I would advise in writing the brand name not as „”, but, rather „Site”.
  • For the length of the title, it’s best to do your own testing, but, generally, a length of 65 characters is completely safe, <= 70 is „good enough”, 70-80 is risky at least, and what’s above 80 characters with spaces will generally be cut of for sure.
  • I would advise in putting lots of emphasis on writing the homepage title tag, as it tends to be more important than others.
  • If you have an option, avoid special characters in titles, as they might not look good on Google’s homepage. Test and see for yourself.
  • It’s not OK to have pages with duplicate titles, they are considered a form of duplicate content. You don’t need 100% different titles, but >90% is a good KPI to aim for.
  • You can crawl easily your web site and see what is the title of the pages using tools such as Screaming Frog or XENU.
  • You should focus on establishing a consistency between titles (the so-called „meta” titles) and page titles (generally, created using H1 tags). They can be a bit different, for example the H1 tag doesn’t need the brand name, but, more or less, they should be as similar as possible.

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