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Printscreens of fragments of texts are overrated

Let’s say you see a message on a web site which disturbs you some way or another, it annoys you, it offends you, you find it immoral, various other things.

You might think it’s a good idea to either take a picture of the screen (quite a non-technical solution), or just hit PrintScreen on a Windows PC and paste it in a Paint image/Microsoft Word document.

The thing is, it can be quite easy to change what you see on the screen, to manipulate the message.

If you’re using Chrome / FireFox / Safari / Edge (and I wonder what else would you use, if you’re in 98% of Internet users), you can read about document.designMode = ‘on’:

As you can see, it’s so easy to change the text in a page, that even if you do take a screenshot, that may not count as a proof for „But that web site, on date X, said Y”.

A better solution is to use an external tool to save the contents of the page and put a time stamp on it.

I will only link to a Google search because this kind of tool needs to be used for a while, and online tools tend to disappear after a while, and I won’t edit this article very soon. So, a Google search »

One web site which might disappear someday »

What a web site like this is to visit the page for you and save it and put a time stamp. There are multiple solutions for this.

Tim Meaney - official
Tim Meaney – official.,

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