Presentation tip – subtitles for movies in a PPT

Let’s say you are about to hold a presentation; this presentation will include a movie; you don’t know a lot about the location you are about to hold a presentation; lots of things may happen – no Internet connection (for YouTube clips); no sound from the laptop; no sound from the room; too much noise in the room; no codec for viewing the video; poor laptop and a large resolution video; some people may not understand well words in English;

You can solve most of these things by repeating the video prior to the event, on the same laptop & the same equipment;

But in some cases where this is not possible, it may be wise to just embed (hard-code is best – How to hardcode subtitles to AVI files – -, but you can also include the subtitle as a separate .txt or .srt file) subtitles;

For a two minute video, it will not take you long to create those subtitles; but in such a way you will make sure that you solve a lot of hearing problems (from no sound, to poor sound, to interferences, to not being able to properly understand words in English, to a large audience with different hearing needs).

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