Password strength

A password can be like this:

  • a. anahasapples – or like this:
  • b. ana8has8apples8 – or like this:
  • c. uiY5*bmR*)($H;
The thing is, it’s easier to decipher a password only with letters (a.) , than one with letters and numbers (b.) or one with special characters and both lowercase and uppercase letters.
But, in my opinion, the person deciphering a password should have the information that your password is only numbers / letters / special characters.
How would perfect password look like? In a lot of people’s opinion, in the above example, it would looks something like: c. uiY5*bmR*)($H.
My opinion? The perfect password is this:
(or a similar model).
It’s much easier to remember a password with real words than a password with complicated strings. And it is, actually, harder to decipher than a complicated password.

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