Why am I neutral to theater?

Note: The current article has been written more than 10 years ago!

I’ve just written a blog post about
“Bury me Behind the Baseboard” / “Îngropați-mă pe după plintă” – best play I’ve seen – Get a result now!.
You might think “Hmmm, this is a clear sign – he likes theater a lot”. Well, not so much. Details below.

I’ll switch away from the main subject of this blog post and tell you about movies – by 2006-2007 (something like that) I used to consider that, generally speaking, movies are not worth watching. But I wanted to be fair and do give the movies, as a whole, a chance to be prove themselves worthy to be watched (by me, the “oh-so-great”). So I thought – how about just watching the good movies first, and then decide whether to watch movies or not? “OK”, said the answer. So, I started watching IMDb’s top 250 movies. http://www.imdb.com/chart/top I started this a few years ago, I’ve seen more than half the movies on that list, and all of the movies in the top 50. In the meantime, I did watch other movies, not in the top.

And, in the 30thaugust of 2008 I see this movie:
Le Notti di Cabiria – The best movie I’ve seen. The one movie I recommend seeing to anyone I know over 15 years of age. Go see it now! – Get a result now!.
Things just changed afterwards. The movie above is a reason to go watch movie. It’s an endless hope in a yet another perfect movie. I would watch other movies just to understand better this one.

Let’s go back to theater. Yesterday I’ve seen “Bury me Behind the Baseboard” / “Îngropați-mă pe după plintă”. Best play … you know the story. Yet, somehow, I remained unchanged. It was the same me entering and leaving the theater. I wasn’t that moved, even by the best play.

How do I view theater?

  • I’m fine with watching any play, it’s not a waste of time;
  • I’m fine with not watching any play, it’s not a waste of opportunity having missed a play.

What’s better than watching plays?

  • Doing theater / learning how to play.

Some things I like about watching plays:

  • They’re funny (hopefully, or else it would be a good reason not to watch the play at all – “Oh, I watch this play, it was really sad, but so nice”);
  • Emotions out in the open – it’s clear what kind of emotion the actor is in;
  • It’s a live performance, the actor is there, you can see it, hear it; you can’t get a better 3D (three dimensions) experience than this;
  • Sometimes, I get into thinking during a play (both by seeing something new, and by watching a boring performance, which helps me focus on my thoughts, instead of on the play itself); I do get insights after a play, and this is a positive thing;

Why I dislike plays:

  • Even the ultimately funny ones have a very much serious aspect; it may be the intense light, as opposed to the total darkness in the theater, it may be the fact that most the times the actors have to speak in a loud voice in order to be heard by everyone, it might be the intense emotions on the stage; as a certain, I perceive most plays as aggressive or at least with a seriousness note; even in improvisational theater the issue is there;
  • For a lot of the plays, it’s hard for me to focus; from this come a lot of problems, like understanding the plot and exactly what happens on the stage; from time to time I got the impression of watching a play and understanding nothing;
  • If I’m not in front rows, it’s hard for me to see proper expressions on actors.

Would I watch plays from now on?

  • Sure, I’m neutral. I haven’t set an objective of not watching plays, but also no objective on watching them. I’m right in the middle. I also don’t have high expectations.
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