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Note: The article below has been written more than 11 years ago!

Follow-up: Năvodari – one week at the beach; the full experience, 2011.07.10-16

I’ve already written two blog posts about my experience at the beach from this year:

Now I’m back with more details – video, photos, personal feelings.




(also, see the album in full-screen mode):

My feelings – how was it for me?

I swam 7 days out of the total 8 days spent in Năvodari; while at the beach, I mostly swam; nothing else, no sitting in the sun, no waiting, just swimming (OK, I did get some breaks, but more than 80% of the time, each time – at least after the first two times, for accommodating -, was spent swimming);

Last year I had these feelings about swimming:

Now, it’s just Gattaca; that’s it; nothing more; see this, a short clip which describes the way I feel when I swim:

More of my articles on Năvodari:

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