Life’s solution

Sacrifice & pain. That’s the only solution. It needs to be hard to work.

It would be best if, prior to reading the current article, you would read Despre ură. Pe plan personal (eu urăsc) și global (societatea te îndeamnă la ură) – cel mai bun articol pe care l-am scris vreodată și de ce acest lucru e irelevant » – by Olivian Breda.

Let’s go back to my current article and let’s take a few fields:

  • Family & relationships.
    • Where is the hardship? Generally, relationships focus on 0 state (from my „Despre ură” article), but +/- is also necessary.
    • You need to be kind to people, and this requires some sacrifice. You need to put the good of others ahead of yours.
    • Raising a family, and keeping a long term friendship requires some sacrifices.
    • A basic principle in networking says that people will want to reciprocate. So, if you help someone, that X person will be more likely to want to interact with you. Thus, you are encouraged to interact with that person.
  • Professional success.
  • Personal happiness, spirituality.
    • You will be more happy on the long term if instead of focusing on quick happiness and joy, you focus on long-term, lasting happiness. So, you need to suffer on short-term, to have long term success.


  • You can suffer yourself, you can have passion put on yourself, or you can force passion and hardship onto others. I think success comes from putting passion on yourself.

I previously wrote about:

, and I told you I don’t find artists / spiritual people / Orthodox people / other graduate people as successful as they should have been. So, don’t they have passion? Aren’t them well worth it of their passion? Why can’t they be good?

The trouble is, they don’t work hard enough:

  • The artists don’t go past their initial virtues („oh, I paint, I do something good, you’re a troglodyte”).
  • The spiritual people focus so much on what they do good, that they don’t see the evil which occupies them.
  • Orthodox people don’t put enough emphasis on success, on having the courage to having a critical attitude (Andrei Pleșu – Parabolele lui Iisus is a quite good book on the subject).
  • People who graduate various collages are so obsessed with things they learn from school, that this drags them behind, instead of helping them grow

So, what’s the solution?


There’s this misconception that „Go to hell!” is a swearing, and it has negative implications. It’s actually a positive thing.

Let’s reanalyze the cases described, based on this assumption:

  • Yes, you are an artist, you become better, you do good stuff. At first, you look at others from above. But you do this so much that you reach down to hell, and come from there an even better professional and not one with a big ego.
  • The spiritual people, at first, are polite & kind & happy. But this leaves some marks, and become full of themselves. But, in time, they go down to hell, and come up as better people. The memory remains, and the ego is smaller.
  • As an Orthodox, surrounded by so many rules & principles, you begin to think that your rules are better than others’, and treat others with superiority. Your rules are better than others’, so are your principles and so one. But you pass through your own hell and start to see that even your belief system is not better than others’, it might be, and you, by your own choice, think of it this way, but there is room for error. Doubt appears, and with it the ego goes down.
  • People who graduated some college are influenced by this so much, that, in time, they go through their own hell, and manage to pass over this.

The solution? The initial pain & suffering of going down at the beginning.

I was wrong when I analyzed people in all the above articles. I considered that the maximum one could reach is the initial phase – you discover Orthodoxy, you do some good, then you become arrogant, confident that your system is better. If I would stop with the analysis here, yes, there are some problems. But people can go deeper than this, pass through an initial hell, then get out better.

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