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Cristian Kit PAUL (Founding Partner, Creative Director – Brandient) talked at Internet & Mobile World 2012 about corporate logo identity.

I will soon post the video, but until then, some thoughts on this:

  • Google does it, in my opinion, best. They attract media attention (when they change their logos, Romanian newspapers write articles specifically on this, to get some views). See their whole history of doodles.
  • Google also has a brand philosophy on „fun”. Easter eggs, error messages which are funny, translation of Google search interface in Klingon and so on. They try to be funny.
  • Google also has totally interactive logos (JavaScript games, YouTube videos).
  • MailChimp built their brand on interactive & funny & cute. I like them a lot for this.
  • WordPress also has a take on this, with their mandatory-to-have-but-free-not-to-install Hello, Dolly! plugin.
  • Flickr is OK (they say „hello” in some languages).
  • In Romania, eMAG and Domo do it also. I’m not a huge fan, but they do OK. Looking at the local competation, they do very OK.
  • It’s not enough to have a „cute brand”. MailChimp is also very good at what they do. WordPress rocks. Flickr used to be very good, and, for a paid service (storing photos online for money? In 2012?). eMAG are top sellers. Domo does a pretty decent job (I bought a fridge from them online, they had, at that point, competitive prices).

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