How to do link building?

In my opinion, the best method to do link building is: create great content. I find there are lots of good reasons for this:

  • People will love your web site.
  • Once on your web site, people will tend to link to it more, if they found a great content.
  • Google probably has algorithms to detect (especially for English-written pages) how good content is. Google might have a look on your content and rate it – Good /Bad.
  • People will remember you and might come back. Even if they do not become loyal fans, they might want to come back to your web site from time to time.

Of course, this is just one type of link building strategy.

There are other solutions:

  • Link Bait – creating content designed specifically to gain links (very attractive content – see above – which aims at making people so happy, that they naturally link to you).
  • Social Communities – using social networks to gain specific advantages to your web site (like, well, links).
  • Paid/Traded Links – not such a great method, but you can still do it, as long as you can keep it away from Google’s eyes.
  • Cherry Picking Links – this implies looking for links which are usually discounted (from people not generally giving links, from people who usually do not participate in the web ecosystem).
  • Content Submissions – a good way to do this is via guest blogging. A not so good way would be to do content submission via article marketing.

As a bottom line, I highly suggest using great content as a link building method, but there are alternative to this.

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