Around 300 programmers are expected to enroll in the hackathon within TechFest connected by Vodafone

Bucharest 07.09.2018

  • Mega hackathon with assignments from Vodafone, BCR and other companies from various sectors for around 300 programmers;
  • Applications open for Venture Lab, targeting start-ups which can pitch their solutions to corporations and investors.

TechFest connected by Vodafone, the most complex technology festival, is inviting approximately 300 programmers to enlist here at MegaHack-Hackathon, a challenge launched by the event’s partners – Vodafone and BCR.

MegaHack is a 24 hours programming marathon where participants will show their skills in solving business challenges by developing tech solutions for various companies. The assignments will be communicated to the participants before the contest starts, so each one can opt for what he/she feels fits best his/her own skills.

Signing up is free of charge and can be done individually here. Minimum age requirement: 18 y.o. Projects will be uploaded here on devpost platform. Contestants will bring their own workstation (laptops, chargers, peripherals etc.). During the competition the teams will have constant support from skilled mentors. The competition’s jury consists of Vodafone and BCR representatives and other local experts. Find out more about assignments, rules and regulation here.

TechFest is a giant meet-up for the IT community, but MegaHack and Venture Lab, with two complementary formats, were specially designed to generate ad-hoc custom solutions or to surface existing solutions already developed by the start-up community. That is why we wanted to host both events so that in the end everybody will have benefic outcomes – both the corporations which face certain challenges, as well as the start-ups, respectively the developers”, said Vlad Șuteu, TechFest Program Director.

Digital Venture Lab, taking place on the first day of TechFest –September 20th – comprises a series of presentations held by start-ups for companies representatives in order to showcase how their solutions solve certain challenges for each of the respective businesses. Tech start-ups wanting  to promote their products and services in front of an audience of innovators, can apply here.

The same audience is targeted by Digital Transformers conference on September 20th, which brings on stage international and local speakers who will talk about technology trends which will shape the whole business ecosystem in the years to come.



TechFest vision is to create a global marketplace for companies, innovative start-ups and technology fans. The technology festival aims to bring together the needs of the business community and the energy and start-ups’ energy and capability to generate innovation, providing access to the common vision of professionals and educating the general public on technology

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